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For many years I have worked with computers. Both for relaxation at home and as part of my professional life. However, most of the time I have a notebook or a wiki that is used for maintaining historical information about projects that I work on.

I enjoy sharing my projects with others whenever possible. Usually, I talk with my wife about my projects and I have a small group of friends to discuss them with as well. Recently, I decided that I would like to try and share these activities with a larger audience.

I am tech guy. My primary focus for the last ten years has been software development, but recently I have started diving into various other technologies. These new technologies have required a significant amount of research to implement. I decided, since I am using books and posts of others to learn how to solve each piece of my technology puzzle, I would like to share what I have learned as well.

I have quite a few things in mind to share. I hope you will enjoy the posts and visit my site frequently.


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