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It has been a long time since I have made any post on Facebook. However, it’s not because I don’t use Facebook anymore. I have just decided to use a different medium for communicating and it has taken a while to get things set up.

My family and friends have commented they do not see much activity from me anymore on Facebook. There are several reasons. One, it just was taking up a lot of my time. Second, it is really hard to keep track of everyone among the Facebook News Feed. I do scan Facebook and see what is going on among the people I call friends and it is great to see the good news. For example, to see individuals progressing in their Air Force careers, or seeing two people getting married, seeing what my cousins are up to, and seeing a friend who is traveling the world and shares through photos. These are all wonderful.

Since retiring from the Air Force last year, my new job has exposed me to a lot of technical stuff I have always had an interest in, but never knew a great deal about. As I have learned more about creating and configuring networks for specific purposes, I decided to set up my own network for hosting software development tools and a personal blog. I will start writing articles about things which are important to me and the activities my family and I participate in and share them through Facebook.

You will more than likely find my posts to be much longer than the traditional Facebook post. However, I will not be posting as often. I hope you enjoy reading my articles. Feel free to message me anytime, as it is always great to hear from friends.


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