Cleanup Before the Mess1 min read

So we have found and scheduled a logging company from Wewahitchka to clean up our lot for us. We would like to have all the pine trees, there were 34 total, the mobile home, and storage shed removed. When they are done there will be three palm trees and a maple tree left. We felt it was important to have these trees removed because they are so large they could fall on the neighbors’s homes and we do not want that to happen.

Before they get too busy on the lot, I wanted to go over and clean up things just a bit. I know there will be a large mess afterwards, but felt it was necessary to go and take a look at things before they got started. The image below is what it looked like when I arrived.

I spent a couple of hours cutting around the place and picking up sticks. We hate the neighbors have to see such a mess. I am excited to see what it will look like once it is cleaned off.

The image above is what it looked like after I did some cleaning. The folks doing the tree work stopped by and they will be getting started right after labor day. Where the mobile home sits now is where we will park our camper when we decide to go stay for the weekend. Eventually, we would like to have a tiny house built here.

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