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Back in June time frame, Stephanie started doing something called Thrive by Le-Vel. It is a multi-step system which is supposed to give you more energy and feel better. I don’t really go for too many of these gimmicks, but if she wanted to do it then I was all for it.

After about a month or so, she claimed it was making her feel better and more energetic and she convinced me to start doing it with her in early July. The morning ritual is a vitamin capsule, then a shake 20 minutes later, and finally a patch you wear throughout the day.

She started working out on the treadmill which we had been hanging clothes on for about a year. I followed behind her and started working out again too. It had been nearly three years since I retired from the US Air Force and I had gained nearly 40 pounds. Oh, and I forgot to mention you can’t have caffeine when doing this system. I had a very bad habit of six to ten diet sodas a day. Yes, you read that correctly!

It was slow going at first, but I too started to feel better. I stopped the caffeine drinks and now drink tons of water. I also workout on the treadmill five times a week and push myself to workout with higher levels of intensity each time. In my latest workout I gained more than 2500 feet in elevation in 2.5 miles. It was a excellent workout. The results have been good and I hope to keep them going in a positive direction. In two months, I am down 15 pounds from where I peaked out just two months ago and I am well on my way back to my service weight.

Thank you Stephanie, for getting back in the groove again!

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