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So, I workout now Sunday to Wednesday and Friday each week. During the week my workouts are 30 minutes in duration. I control my speed and incline to get the best workout. What I have some to find is that I can now hold 25% to 35%, mostly leaning toward the 25% side of it, giving me a pretty decent workout. I usually break 700 calories and 2,000 feet of elevation. Below is the profile of my latest workout.

Profile for Today’s Workout

This workout I stayed at 3.5 mph for almost the entire workout. For my weight, I seem to have hit a point where my weight loss has started maintaining. I think this is because I have started eating a larger portions again, so I need to watch that. This workout thing makes you hungry!! However, I am currently 16 pounds below the weight I started at in July when we first started hitting the treadmill.

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