St. Joe Beach Update #5

The new power pole has been assembled and is ready to go in the ground. Currently, I am waiting for Kim to let me know they are finished clearing off the lot. Then we will make a trip over to pay him and pull a permit for the electrical. Hopefully, there will not be too many issues with getting service going again.

Panel Assembly Image 1
Panel Assembly Image 2

The mulch from the ground stumps will be used to create a pad for the camper. At least hopefully create an outline of where we would like for it to park. I think this will be help full considering how sandy the lots are. I really do want to avoid having to bring in any gravel.

St. Joe Beach Update #4

I have had this information for a while, but I felt the need to get it written down. I reached out to a friend from high school asking about builders in Port St. Joe. He provided me two names of whom I still need to contact. What I am after is finding the average cost per sq. foot for a new construction. The two names I received were:

  • Glen Combs 229-8385
  • James TauntonĀ 348-3376

I contacted another custom home builder about three months ago and was quoted a price of $160K for an 1100 sq/ft home. That is far beyond what I am hoping to spend and truthfully almost twice the size.

I have also talked with a modular home dealer from Panama City. They sell Jacobsen modular and manufactured homes. The neighbor to our property lives in a modular and he recommended them. Since we are after a small home this may be the best way to go. I will provide updates as I find out more.