St. Joe Beach Update #83 min read

Well, a lot has happened since the last update. A couple of weeks after Jack and I went over and placed the main power pole Stephanie and I went over to clean and level the lot. We decided to go over on Friday night and stay at the Gulf Sands Motel so we didn’t have to drive six hours round trip and work all day.

The Gulf Sands Motel was mistake number one of the trip. We already had reservations and didn’t get there until late so we went ahead and decided to stay. However, I would not recommend this motel to anyone. The staff there was extremely nice. That is probably the only plus I can give. The photos below show what our room looked like. We had asked for a single bed and well, not only did we get two beds, we got other surprises as well.

No Dirt Here!

We got up the next morning and went to the lot and got started. We picked up pine cone after pine cone, cut roots from the tree removal, and removed old anchors left behind from the mobile home. We removed the vines which had been growing in the palm tree on the the front corner of the lot. This really helped its aesthetics and we had been told all of that growth could eventually kill the tree. There was also a cinder block border around the old well pump which we busted down and removed.

The electrical company had contacted me and informed me they needed line of sight between the electrical pole and the transformer they would connect to. This proved very difficult because of the number of limbs which needed to be cut from the sweet gum we left on the back corner. I nearly lost my pole saw because of it getting pinched in a limb while I was up on a 20 foot extension ladder. However, I finally got the limb down after some strap throwing and tugging.

Nice Transition…

Finally, we used the tractor to rake the yard some and see what type of leveling affect we could get. The short answer on that is we couldn’t. It didn’t take long to realize we needed to hire someone to level the land. We had worked all day long at this point and had not eaten anything. That was mistake number two of the day.

Before Any Work…
After Some Cleaning Had Been Done…

We went into town and shared some Howie pepperoni cheese bread and then headed home. Stephanie had gotten a bad headache and I kept forgetting to stop for ibuprofen. That was mistake number three. We made a stop on the side of the road in Bruce and in Freeport for Stephanie to evacuate her lunch. We did manage to get her some medicine in Freeport and it later kicked in. About the time we got home, her headache had begun to subside.

Lee Cathey of Cathey’s Hardware bought my father’s old home. Lee suggested a contractor for leveling off the lot. After some phone calls and emails, we hired Moses Medina of Crest Enterprises to level off the lot. He quoted us 20 loads of fill to get it level with the lift pump already there. Yesterday, we met with him and agreed on the work. So, by Thanksgiving we should have a leveled lot ready for installing basic plumbing for the RV.


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  1. I’m glad y’all are having fun but I’m tired just reading about it!!! Not Really… The couple that works together, stays together! You are making beautiful memories! <3

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