St. Joe Beach Update #91 min read


After our last visit to St Joe Beach, we decided we needed to hire someone to professionally level the lot. The tractor just wasn’t enough and a lot of dirt was needed. During the Thanksgiving holiday we decided to camp at Tyndall AFB Fam Camp and do a little work on the lot. We assumed since the leveling would be complete, that we could just knock out the plumping.

Before the Leveling

Before plumbing could go in, we needed to ditch for the lines. We rented a trencher from St Joe Rent-All and went to work. We first had to measure out everything and then get busy. Below is the image after ditching for plumbing and electrical. I will return this weekend to run the lines and cover over the ditches.

After Leveling and Ditching

Also, notice anything missing in the second image? I contacted FairPoint Communications and requested the utility pole in the front yard be removed. They obliged and it was promptly removed.

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  1. Looking really good and quickly progressing. I can tell from your posted description that you are very excited about your Beach place. Heck, I even saw a picture you’d taken of Stephanie with her toes in the Gulf.

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