St. Joe Beach Update #102 min read

We spent another day working on the lot about two weeks ago. The goal for the day was to run water, sewer, and electric in preparation for gravel being brought in. We had some major difficulties right off the bat connecting the water. I had to send Stephanie for some PVC adapters and we had to “engineer” a connection between the meter and the water line. It is temporary so we were OK with that.

While Stephanie was making supply runs, I did get the electrical lines in the ground and the plugins mounted to the electrical post. So again, some progress there.

Finally, we got to the sewer connections. Here is where I had the big fail. When I previously ditched for the lines, I guestimated the angles of the sewer connections and that was not a good idea. Making the connections proved impossible. So we covered the ditch and said we would come back again and perform a “do over.”

After Putting Water and Electric in the Ground

While putting lines in the ground we met with another builder from the area. Benjamin Hinds has been working on a set of cottages on Mexico Beach across from Toucan’s. It is a small community of 11 cottages. We stopped in and looked at them and immediately felt this is what we were after. We had also previously looked at floor plans similar online.

Getaway Cottage Floor Plan

After returning home, we were pleasantly surprised to have a call about our waverunners we were attempting to sell. We bought a pair of them during the summer of 2016 and, up to now, they have only been ridden a few times. As a matter of fact, they both have less than 20 hours on them. We had decided to sell them because there are too many “toys” around the house that do not truly get used. We also knew if we freed up the money being spent on them monthly we could put that funding towards a mortgage on our getaway cottage. So, as of now we are waiting to see about selling our waverunners. If that happens we will be one step closer to building at St Joe.




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