St. Joe Beach Update #112 min read

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. For starters, the Waverunners did sell. I am so glad the couple that bought them was excited about getting them. They sent photos to us the next day where they had gone riding the entire day. Florida is a grand place. It was November and 68 degrees outside and what better to do but go riding Waverunners on the bay.

Because of the sell, we decided to move forward with construction. We put ourselves in the position that we could get serious about building. We talked with a couple of banks and got everything aligned.  It looks like for the most part we are a go.

Just after Christmas, I got a wild idea. For some time we had tossed the idea around about selling the truck and camper as a package deal. The numbers looked good for doing so, but it would be just like the Waverunners. We would have to find the one person that really wanted the deal. Craig’s List was an option, but then I said to myself, “What if I went to a dealership, traded both as a package and downsized a little. Would that work?” After searching online for trucks, I found one at a local dealer. Not very fond of the dealership I will say, but they had the truck and they might just be crazy enough to do a deal.

Downsized Pickup

When I arrived at the dealership, I had a window sticker print out in hand and I informed them I wanted to look at the truck. I went for a short test drive and then we started negotiations.  Four hours later, I think they made out, but we did as well. We got rid of our camper and truck and got a replacement truck which would be better almost all the way around. Better on fuel and able to tow the boat just fine. Only down side is we did get smaller! The benefit here is, between the Waverunners and 5th wheel we have freed up nearly as much as the house payment will be. I would much rather be putting money into something which will appreciate than have items which are not only depreciating, but not really getting used as often as I would like.

So, the next steps are to meet with the builder and get a contract in order. We have been putting together a list of things we would like

Recreated Floor Plan

to have in the house and comparing what we have seen with the similar construction near Toucan’s. I recreated the floor plan just to have something to make notes on. I believe we are both excited about building at the beach. I have been looking at the fishing again and we have talked about things we could do while at our little get-a-way. Here’s to hoping 2018 is a great year!!

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