St. Joe Beach Update #121 min read

This will be a very short update…Today we received a message from our builder. We had been wondering how things were going, but we did not want to seem as though we were pestering him on his progress.

We were informed that our construction plans were very near complete. Which to us was very exciting. He also indicated they were waiting on the completion of the property survey so he could create the site map needed for permitting. It is a good feeling to know it seems like he will be keeping us updated on construction progress.

The final step in knowing if we can proceed, is getting everything submitted for the property appraisal and seeing what type of money we are going to need to put down. We are keeping our fingers crossed there will be none needed. It will all depend on the equity we have in our property. Just to get the lot where it is today took several thousands of dollars and we hope the appraiser will see this and give us value for the work which has been done.

Our builder is hoping to get started in February and he stated once he gets it started the progress should be relatively quick. Fingers crossed!!

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