St. Joe Beach Update #16

We received a surprising update today while I was at work…Our builder sent a couple of photos to show us what he has been up to this week. We closed on the construction less than two weeks ago and he received the notice of commencement just this past Monday. I think he was just as ready to get going as we were!!

The first step was completing site prep work. He was anticipating ten loads of dirt being needed for getting the house level with the roadway. It wound up taking 12 total loads to get the job done. At this point, since demolishing the mobile home and removing the trees, there have been 32 loads of dirt brought in for the lot. Forms and footers are next…I anticipate a poured foundation in the next week to ten days!

Site Prep 1
Site Prep 2


St. Joe Beach Update #15

I talked with our builder on Monday and we discussed the way forward and a little about schedule. I will be constructing a pole barn on the property for use as a boat cover and also to put a small storage space underneath and I don’t want to be in his way when his crew is trying to get things done. He and I agreed I should be able to go in and get started with my little piece of the project after they have finished the foundation and framed the house. I wasn’t sure how long that would be, but he informed me he would more than likely have the house dried in during the week of May 14th. That isn’t far down the road at all. Below is the final footprint image of how I think everything will be positioned on the property.

Final Site Layout

St. Joe Beach Update #14 — We Have Closed!

Last time I wrote about St Joe we had decided to switch to a local bank for construction financing. What we were trying to do with the initial bank didn’t work out for a couple of reasons:

  1. They were not giving us the proper value, in our opinion, for our lot based on the appraisal.
  2. The closing costs were extremely high based on their tax and insurance estimates.

The local bank we have dealt with before worked with us and made what would more than likely have been a difficult process with any other bank very painless. After just three weeks, we were able to close on the construction loan. We will be handling our own escrow and for insurance and taxes we have solid figures for budgeting purposes.

The next steps…Our builder will start site preparations and apply for building permits. The clock has started and I am hoping for the build to be complete within the next four months.