Getting Ready for 2018 Fishing2 min read

I know a lot of folks that fish do so year round. However, I am not that way. I haven’t yet had a chance to do any fishing this year, but I have spent a lot of time getting ready for the season. When spring came around I first washed off all the winter crud from the boat. Even though it is stored under a carport cover, it gets very dirty especially since I did not put the dust cover on this winter. It was extremely dirty…I used a bleach mix to get off the mildew build up that had accumulated and pressure washed the entire boat. The end result was pretty amazing, in my opinion.

The next thing was mechanical preparation. The water fuel separator was changed and the prop shaft cleaned and greased. I also decided it was time to check the wheel bearings. Now, I know better than to not grease the bearings, but I hadn’t pumped any grease in them since owning the boat and that has been nearly four years. So, I pulled off the hubs to perform an inspection. When I pulled them, the brake pads fell apart. This led to more necessary maintenance! The calipers were replaced on both wheels and both bearings were repacked and the hubs pumped full of grease. Lastly, I hit all the grease points on the engine.

After all the hard stuff was done it was time for some fun things!! I ordered a pair of rod holders to install. There are already rod holders, but they are the vertical ones on each side of the center console. When the bimini is up a really long rod is tough to get in and out. These holders allow three rods to be stored on each side. Previously, we would lay them on the floor and that was bad. I added a boga fish grip holder to the center console. Before, I was just sticking it on a rod holder. And finally, I constructed a protective cover for the trolling motor batteries inside the center console. Without the cover items could be laid on top of them and I didn’t care for that.

Finally, I stocked up on some fishing supplies. I purchased a new 4/0 Penn combo rod and spooled it with 40 lb mono, obtained a new carry bag and re-packaged my lead weights, stocked up on King Mackerel dusters, and got a leader line carrier and stocked it with two spools of 80 lb, 1 spool of 60 lb, and 1 spool of 40 lb. It is time to do some fishing!!

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