St. Joe Beach Update #20

The foundation has been poured!  We made a trip over yesterday and got photos for the bank and picked up the permit we needed. Now, for them to get to framing. Ben is thinking the house will be dried in within the next two to three weeks. I am looking forward to seeing this progress. However, there is still so much work to be done both by the Ben and by us!!

The foundation is poured! Time to frame!!

Next steps…finish the lot clean up and get some stumps ground down. We still are shy some dirt on the lot and I need to get things cleaned up so it can be brought in for leveling things off. Our landscaping is going to consist of a level lot with some grass seed more than likely. So we will have an irrigation pump installed for getting the grass to grow. Otherwise, our options are having a $600 water bill¬†(Port St. Joe water isn’t cheap) or a sand lot and neither of those going to happen!!