St. Joe Beach Update #21

We received some update photos this morning from Ben. It seems like the vast majority of the framing is up. The roof trusses will be delivered tomorrow morning and the house is expected to be dried in next week. Stephanie and I have picked out out colors for interior and exterior. We also selected our entry doors. There are not too many more things to pick out. More forward progress!

Framing View 1
Framing View 2

In the photo above, the palm tree is being relocated. It will be moved to just about where Ben is standing for taking this photo. That will even out the yard with the other palm which is in the opposite corner of the lot.

First Fishing of 2018

It was finally possible to get out for some fishing this past weekend. The wave height was posted as 1 foot of less and I knew that meant I could get offshore and do some bottom fishing. I grew up doing nothing but trolling in salt water, but was introduced to bottom fishing a couple of years ago and I really enjoy it. This was also going to be a trip where we would be able to try out some of the enhancements made to the boat (rod holders).

Port Side Rod Holder

We decided to put in at Sherman Cove on the Navy base. Stephanie likes to be able to use the bathroom one last time before leaving shore and the marina has very clean restrooms. Sherman Cove also puts you just a mile from the Pensacola pass. Usually we launch further up Escambia Bay, but we figured we would try a little something different this time.

Starboard Side Rod Holder

After a bit of cruising, the water was nice, we arrived at the spot I like to fish. The trolling motor was lowered into the water and the bottom search began. Once located, anchor mode was enabled and I rigged up a line for Stephanie. She surprised me because she was really going to fish! After a few minutes she checked for bait and it was gone and about that time she started not feeling well.

In the mean time, I had rigged up a line. After her bait was gone, she didn’t want to keep fishing. It wasn’t until later that I got the full story. Stephanie had gotten full blown sea sickness with chills and all. I suppose the sitting in the middle of the ocean with the cork like action of our little boat didn’t go over very well. She toughed it out though and let me continue fishing.

First Fish

After about an hour, I had caught three Red Snapper and another trash fish. It would have been good for cutting up as bait or even throwing back in live on a hook. However, I had already decided the day would be a catch and release day and the Snapper were out of season.

I fished a little longer and then decided it was time to start heading back in. I was getting concerned about Stephanie. I knew she didn’t feel well at all and I had already asked her a time or two if she wanted to go back in. She was being a trooper and letting me get some fishing in and I didn’t like knowing she was not well.

Big Lagoon and Pensacola Pass

Once we started moving back towards shore Stephanie started feeling better. The closer to shore we got the better she was feeling. We decided to go check out Hub Stacey’s at The Point which involves a ride through Big Lagoon. I was OK with this because I really wasn’t quite ready to get off the water for the day. I had eaten there with friends last year and wanted to take Stephanie to check it out. She hadn’t enjoyed too much of the morning so I wanted her to at least get some enjoyment from our trip. Lunch turned out to be great. We shared a club sandwich and then headed back to Sherman Cove to end our day. All in all I would say this was a great day! I got to fish, spend time on the water, and had great company while doing so.