St. Joe Beach Update #22 (Small Snag)

New photos arrived today from our builder and it looks like the framing and house wrap is complete. Everything has been moving along quite well. However, it was bound to happen, we have had our first snag. Ben informed me that he had made a mistake with the trusses he ordered.

Beginning To Look Like a House

The homes previously built with this floor plan have tray ceilings in theĀ  bedrooms and a vaulted ceiling in the “great room”. The trusses which were delivered and put on the home have neither. This was pretty upsetting to both Stephanie and I. However, I will say that Ben was genuinely apologetic for the mistake.

He asked us if we wanted to make a cost trade for something else in the home, but we really wanted to have the trays and the vaulted ceiling. Ben was able to come up with a solution for the ceiling in the great room and even a solution for the bedroom trays. He just needed confirmation from us for how to proceed. We thought about it for a while and talked it over with my father-in-law and we made the decision to not include trays in the bedrooms.

From the Back

Although, I think it is a nice touch, my father-in-law had good reasons in which he felt trays may not be beneficial. So the first major snag has occurred, but it doesn’t seem like it has slowed too much down. There will be some modifications to be made in the great room, but I think they will be pretty quick fixes. At least I hope they will be pretty quick.

Tomorrow or Thursday the remaining stumps on the property are being ground down. We will be going back over to check on things this weekend and make additional arrangements for fill dirt and an irrigation well.