St. Joe Beach Update #25

This past weekend turned out to be a productive, fun, and very tiring weekend. We went to construct our pole barn in the back yard and this time the entire family went. Nataleigh wanted to do a little swimming and I promised her we would go play at the beach if she went and helped out a little. We headed over Friday morning with the intent of completing a few tasks:

  • Layout post locations
  • Dig and set posts
  • Putting up trusses
  • Run network cable inside house

We arrived to see materials for the barn located exactly where the barn was going to be constructed. So the first hour was spent moving all the materials out of the way. Next, we drug a line to mark the side property line and tightened the line that already existed in the back. This gave us the ability to get a rough reference of our starting points. From there, I placed batter boards for dragging strings. We verified our 24 feet for the corners and that we were square by checking our diagonals.

Saturday morning I made it to the house about 5:00. I finished digging the six holes about 2 hours later. It was hot!! At this point, because the hardware store did not deliver the concrete I needed, I had to make two trips to haul the 1,440 pounds of concrete necessary for setting the posts. Stephanie and Nataleigh made it about this time and we started setting in posts. This process went pretty well. However, by the time the third post was finished, I had to take a break.

Finally Getting Some Beach Time

We came back in the afternoon and finished the final three posts. Prior to that we got in a good swim. Stephanie went to pick up some stuff from the house and found a ruptured garden hose before we swam. A little dirt had been washed away, but nothing significant.

Posts Ready for Trusses

Sunday morning the final task was topping the posts and ensuring they were level. String was drug between each corner and a line level used. The drawing showed a max pole height of 10 feet. The front right corner is 10 feet. With the slope of the yard the front left post is about 9’6″ inches. So it is relatively flat. I like the idea of it not being perfectly flat to help with water drainage. We do live down hill and I am sure with heavy enough of a rain there will be runoff from uphill neighbors. We don’t want a swimming pool in the back yard.

Network Connections

I was also able to get the network cable ran in the house. The goal was creating an easy way for adding an access point in the hallway and also have a physical connection available in the den. We have a location where equipment can be placed in the house that will be out of the way, but will also not necessarily be the easiest to access. I am also allowed to telework, so if I ever decide to get a small desk for my laptops the physical line will give a connection point for computers.

In the end, we did not get everything done that I wanted. But we worked hard and I think everyone had a decent time. Nataleigh said she enjoyed herself and is looking forward to when we can go hang out without us having to work. I know there will always be some work to be done, but the goal will be to play more than we work.


St. Joe Beach Update #24

We went over last week and checked on how things were going. We arrived to see a small crew working on things. There were two individuals caulking all of the hardy plank seams, the electrician was finishing up his work, and another person putting up vinyl in the eves.

The electrician gave us a very good laugh. As we walked around checking out his work, we noticed how they labeled everything. The most funny thing was how

Heck of a Name for a Fan!!

the bathroom exhaust fans were labeled. As you can see to the left, we know which wire goes to the fan! The electrician also was very thoughtful and asked us if there was anything he missed. He shared how he had added a few extra things different from the construction plans indicating he put thought into the project as if he was laying out his own home. I also asked him about network cable in the house. We were previously told we couldn’t have network cable. The electrician however said, “no problem.” I explained I knew how to run the lines and he said to run network cable wherever I wanted. He even gave me a couple of low voltage boxes to place in the ceiling.

Flood Light Box on Front Eve

We noticed another minor slip. Stephanie had requested electrical outlets in the eves of the house. She is a gigantic Christmas person and if you hang lights from your house the electrical outlets make it super simple to turn things off and on and no extension cords are generally needed. The eves however, had been boxed for flood lights. The gentlemen doing the vinyl cut back the vinyl for the electrician and he came back to fix it. A simple fix, but also a mistake that really shouldn’t have happened in my opinion. However, this also worked out in our favor because flood lights in the back of the house is actually a pretty good idea so we requested those boxes be left as they were.

All in all, just like I have commented in the past, the house is going pretty well. In this walk-a-round the plumbing rough in had not been started. There will be another trip next weekend allowing us to check on that, and hopefully we will soon be able to start on the pole barn. We are still waiting on some dirt work in the yard before we start the barn. Otherwise, we may be in the way. After fill is completed the barn will go up, the irrigation well will go in, and then privacy fence will get started.


St. Joe Beach Update #23

We received more photos from our builder today and it looks like things are still progressing pretty well. Last time I wrote, I mentioned how the vaulted ceiling was botched up. However, the engineer provided a way for it to be corrected. The image on the right shows how the trusses were modified/removed and 2x10s were put in place. The ceiling height in the center is almost 13 and a half feet.

At this point, the electrical and duct work are roughed in. According to Ben, we are still waiting for the plumbing to be roughed in and I assume this will be happening very soon. There is still a significant amount of fill dirt which needs to be brought in. It was supposed to happen over this past weekend, but it didn’t get done. I think there has been large amounts of rain over that way. I am not sure when the fill dirt will be scheduled, but it is holding up the construction of the pole barn now. I didn’t want to be putting it up in the middle of the summer. However, I think that is exactly what is going to happen.

Additionally, the hardy plank has been added to the house. We were asked what colors we wanted on the house as though I had never sent that information. However, I had already sent our selections to Ben. I just guess he didn’t recall me sending them. I will send them again and I hope he will do the colors we send. It seems like some of the finer details may be getting missed.

We will make a trip over this weekend to verify the completed work. If the plumbing rough in is complete we will go ahead and get the photos needed for our bank and get the next construction draw ready to send. Looking forward to this project being done soon. I am ready to take Nataleigh to the beach and spend some good quality time with the family. It looks like the holidays will be our first real days of relaxation at St Joe.