St. Joe Beach Update #232 min read

We received more photos from our builder today and it looks like things are still progressing pretty well. Last time I wrote, I mentioned how the vaulted ceiling was botched up. However, the engineer provided a way for it to be corrected. The image on the right shows how the trusses were modified/removed and 2x10s were put in place. The ceiling height in the center is almost 13 and a half feet.

At this point, the electrical and duct work are roughed in. According to Ben, we are still waiting for the plumbing to be roughed in and I assume this will be happening very soon. There is still a significant amount of fill dirt which needs to be brought in. It was supposed to happen over this past weekend, but it didn’t get done. I think there has been large amounts of rain over that way. I am not sure when the fill dirt will be scheduled, but it is holding up the construction of the pole barn now. I didn’t want to be putting it up in the middle of the summer. However, I think that is exactly what is going to happen.

Additionally, the hardy plank has been added to the house. We were asked what colors we wanted on the house as though I had never sent that information. However, I had already sent our selections to Ben. I just guess he didn’t recall me sending them. I will send them again and I hope he will do the colors we send. It seems like some of the finer details may be getting missed.

We will make a trip over this weekend to verify the completed work. If the plumbing rough in is complete we will go ahead and get the photos needed for our bank and get the next construction draw ready to send. Looking forward to this project being done soon. I am ready to take Nataleigh to the beach and spend some good quality time with the family. It looks like the holidays will be our first real days of relaxation at St Joe.

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  1. Looks Great! But if that is already hardy plank on the exterior, I’d make them change it to the color you selected. I know you will make many memories there. Congratulations on the adventure and excitement!

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