St. Joe Beach Update #26

My father-in-law and I went back over to St. Joe this past weekend with the intention of setting trusses on the pole barn. The steel trusses are just over 24 feet

wide and I suspect weigh about 150 pounds. We initially tried to lift the entire assembly to the top of the posts. The problem we immediately faced was the trusses were too top heavy. At the center point these trusses are 14 feet tall. So, attempt one was a no go. Next, we tried disassembling the truss to make it lighter. We thought if we lifted up each half we could bolt them on the post and then join them in the middle. I previously mentioned the center of the truss was 14 feet tall once lifted to the top of the post. Our ladders weren’t tall enough for this so again, setting one half of the truss was a no go. The attempt to get the trusses to the top of the posts was unsuccessful. Because of this, I have hired an individual to finish up the pole barn. This is pretty neat, in my opinion, because the individual hired had also done some work for my dad in the past and he roofed this house. I like knowing who has put work into the home.

On our last visit to the house, one of the things we had noticed was there was no dryer vent pipe installed. We brought this to the builder’s attention. I am not sure whose responsibility it is to get this portion done, but it was taken care of when we were there this time. The only thing I do not like about how it is installed was it runs out the side of the house we will be entering and exiting from. It would have been nice for it to run to the opposite side of the home.

Other things I noticed were electrical lines had been run for the oven. Previously the box was there, which we did not see, but there was no electrical line. I think the electrician had pointed this out, but I just had not remembered. However, the line is there now. They had also taped over the electrical panel pretty well. I think in preparation for the insulation and drywall to go in. All in all the house is looking pretty good.

On the exterior we had a new addition. Because of the cost of water, we decided to have an irrigation well put in. It is a 35 foot shallow well, but to get this water we only have to pay electricity. St Joe charges you for both water and sewer when you have a grinder pump. 100 gallons of water out of the meter and you get charged 100 gallons of sewage. Neighbors have reported it can cost hundreds of dollars in a single month if irrigating your yard with city water. With grass seed going down, we felt it would be best to have the well. We can keep it plenty wet and keep our utility bill down.