St. Joe Beach Update #27 (Point of Frustration)3 min read

We went to check on how our project was progressing this past weekend. We had received from photos from our neighbors of the interior with insulation in place and I had received updates from the gentleman completing the pole barn, so I expected some significant changes.

Galley Kitchen

Upon arrival, I noticed scrap sheet rock against the dumpster so right away I knew they had finished the insulation and started the rock work. It was about 90% complete. The house had gone from an open “see all the way through” to beginning to actually look like a home with a floor plan.

There was a spot on the wall in the “great room” which left me a bit disturbed. A relatively large section of the sheet rock was torn away. I personally would not have left it that way and would have fixed it by replacing the sheet rock in that area. Now, I do know that the mud work will fix all the imperfections on the wall, but this is just another one of those little things that I just wish I hadn’t seen. You can see the tear in the photo below. It really is not all that big, but it is almost all the way through the sheet rock.

Tear in Sheet Rock

The vent pipe going through the roof still did not have foam sprayed around it. I reached out to our builder just to see if he was in town because he had gone on vacation again. He was still gone, but he did reply letting me know that the boot had silicon under it and there was no way it would leak. That is what started my frustration. It was assumed I was reaching out because I had noticed the foam still wasn’t there. That was not the case. It would have been nice to have a face to

No Foam Around Vent Pipe

face and discuss schedule and such. However, when it comes to the foam around the boot,  how hard would it be to just have one of your crew stop by and spray the foam? I mean, the bathroom vent stack was foamed. This reminds me when I was in the military. I was given demerits for some of my clothes. I was told I was dinged because if one could look really good they should all look really good. If one vent stack is foamed they should all be in my opinion.

In the same message about the foam, I was also told the electrical for the tankless hot water heater being done the way the plumber had specified. I was thinking it should have been the other way around, but that is just me. It just makes me feel sort of like the builder is not directing things the way he should. I don’t know if that’s the case, but it sort of feels like it at times. Some of this frustration may be coming from the fact that we have 160 miles between this home and our actual home. Working all week and then driving over to see things not the way you would expect just gets sort of aggravating. There hasn’t been any real enjoyment yet in this project, but I think that time is coming. At least I hope it is!

The next steps will be going back over next weekend. I think things are actually at a point where going over weekly is almost a must. I am sure there will be a lot more going on the next time we go over to check on things. I just hope our builder will be available for meeting and having discussions about the remaining schedule and things needing to be accomplished.


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