St. Joe Beach Update #284 min read

There is Still Stuff Happening

Today’s check went a lot better than the last time. I was able to meet with our builder and we had some very good discussions. We walked around and took a look at the sheet rock work that was going on. The crew was there today putting on corner bead and mud.

Master Shower

As we got to talking, we had our first discussions about the showers. We talked about the guest bathroom and how far up the wall the tile would go. It was decided the tile would go up essentially the same height as a slip in tub/shower¬† wall does.¬† This is essentially what I had expected. The vanity sizes were discussed and those are going to be 36″ wide. We also discussed putting an accent in the shower walls to break up the tile a little bit. Stephanie and I had picked some tile out a few weeks ago and Ben had it in his notes. For the master shower, the tile will go to the ceiling and we will have the same accent as the guest bath as well as the same size vanity.

Attic Access

Next we had a good discussion about the attic access. This was a point of frustration because it originally was to be located elsewhere. However, we have come to accept its location. I want to have sheet rock used to fill the opening with a plywood backing. This way, other than the trim, the ceiling material will look the same and have a good flow. Ben has never done an opening this way, but said he was looking forward to seeing how it would turn out and if he likes it may do other homes this way.

We next talked about the landscaping that had been done to get ready for putting up the pole barn. We have used about 65% of the landscaping budget and there will probably be a little more dirt work done when the final yard dressing is completed. That being said, we are on budget to have the yard completely dressed when construction is completed. There is still a good bit to do up front when the dumpster is removed.

The next topic was the deck. We settled on five foot wide deck for the side entrance. There will be an exterior shower for rinsing off when we come back from the beach. Now we have to decide on having a railing around the deck or not. I think the railing would be a nice touch even if the deck will only be a few inches off the ground. We also have to decide if the deck will go all the way to the back edge of the house. I also think that is a good idea. This will give us a great place to grill in the evenings.

After the deck, the gravel driveway was the topic of discussion. Stephanie and I will definitely need to talk about this one. Ben is suggesting us have the gravel go all the way up next to the house. It would give us a wider parking area, but I am not too sure how this would look. It essentially would make most of the right side of the house gravel and the gravel will run back and under the pole barn. This could be a good look I am just not so sure. It will definitely make it easier when it comes to grass up next to the house.

All Sheet Rock Up In Galley

We drove over to Ben’s shop to talk about granite choices. He showed me a few of the choices and then we talked about budget. Stephanie and I had looked at some pictures of a house he built not too far away. We really liked the granite in that home and it looked great with the shower tile we selected. In the end, he said we would have enough left in the cabinet budget for that type of granite. So, I think that choice has now been made too!! We also talked about under mounting our sinks. So again, another choice made.

So what is next? Cabinets should show up next week and the drywall should also be done by the end of the week. The interior paint will be done. After painting is completed, cabinet installation will be completed and then they will start on the bathroom tile. Ben said he would get the flooring down in at least the front room so we could have the appliances delivered. They may not be ready for installation, but they can at least be delivered on site. It looks like from this point we are about four weeks from completion. I am really ready for this project to be finished. I need some down time and this is going to be a great place to do that I think. There will still be some work to do there. The privacy fence will need to be built and sprinklers installed, but I can also do that once we are able to start staying there.

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