St. Joe Beach Update #291 min read

Made an over and back trip yesterday to see how the progress was going. I arrived to see some more significant changes. The following list details the major changes:

  • Dry wall complete
  • Walls primed
  • All but one interior door has been hung
  • The cabinets delivered, but need assembly
  • Window sills installed

I think the next trip over the interior paint will be complete and I wouldn’t be surprised if the cabinets are installed. That is when the actual floor plan will be completely visible. We have seen the galley kitchen complete in one of the Mexico Beach homes. However, seeing it in ours will be very cool!

I walked over and met our neighbors across the street that live in my Dad’s old house. They seem like very nice people and they have a lot of plans too for making the place home. He has a larger boat and we talked about getting together for a fishing trip sometime. I also talked with the neighbor from two blocks over and it seems he has broken off his relationship with our builder. So there have definitely been a lot of changes in the last week.

I also reorganized the photo galleries. To most recent pictures can be seen in the Construction #5 gallery.

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