St. Joe Beach Update #301 min read

It is hard to believe I have made 30 posts now about our get-a-way project. However, when I looked back, the first post was made almost a year ago back in September. I would have never guessed it would take us nearly a year to get where we are in the project today.

Today’s adventure entailed a trip to Lowe’s for looking at items we have picked out. We have decided on our faucets, ceiling fans, bathroom lighting, and exterior lighting. Most of it we had picked out online, but wanted to go put eyes on the real stuff. We will be getting our allowance check from the builder this weekend and then we can go buy everything.

Today, I got a notification the size tile for the bathrooms will be slightly larger than we had originally picked out. We were told they were out of stock, but I am honestly okay with the larger size of 12×24. The accent tile was available so that was a plus. There shouldn’t be any surprises when the bathrooms are done. We were also informed we went over our flooring budget by approximately $500. We are under on other areas so all is good.

We had to change our appliance delivery to an order pick-up. I called the Panama City store and was informed that even though we originally had a Friday delivery date, they only deliver on Monday or Thursday. Since the flooring is not quite down, I just decided to pick up when the builder is ready for the appliances. It will probably be a little easier that way. I am hoping that will be in the next couple of weeks. We are ready to see what has changed in the last week when we head back over this weekend.

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