St. Joe Beach Update #312 min read

We made a run over to the house yesterday to deliver supplies. We were given our allowances for purchasing electrical and plumbing fixtures last week and after buying everything it needed to be taken over. When we arrived we could tell there had been work taking place because of the equipment that was around. We had been hoping to see walls finished, showers complete, and cabinets installed. Unfortunately this was not quite the case.

A good majority of the walls did have the color on, but not completely throughout the house. The bathrooms were the main places without color and that is most likely due to the tile work being completed. There was no progress with the kitchen cabinets either. We know there were some missing cabinets from the first order, but there has been plenty of time for the remaining ones to come in.

All that being said, we did see some progress in other places. You could tell the electrician had been in the house doing work. All the receptacles had been put in place, smoke detectors were installed, can lights were installed, and the exterior electrical service entrance panel had been added to the house. I also think the HVAC contractor had been there too. There was dirt removed on the back side of the house and it looked like they had shortened the pipe which the copper lines run through.

So there has been some progress again which you can see inĀ Construction #6, but not to the extent in which we expected. Last week, when we spoke with Ben he made it sound like a couple of weeks and we would be done. Based on the progress we saw this week, I am expecting at least another three weeks before we can even possibly start moving things in.

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