St. Joe Beach Update #321 min read

Based on the progress that had been made the last time we visited the house, Stephanie and I had decided to not go over and check on progress this past weekend. However, I did receive a call from our builder while on a business trip last week and he provided me some updates.

First, he informed me the reason our cabinetry had not been installed was due to it being back ordered by the manufacturer. He said he was unaware of that status, but it was supposed to be delivered by 11 August. If that does happen, when we next go over we should hopefully see a full kitchen of cabinets. Beyond that the following updates were provided:

  • Bathroom tile near complete
  • Flooring has been delivered
  • Counter tops being delivered early this week
  • HVAC system installed

It is my understanding that once the bathroom tile is complete they will start cleaning things up. The counter tops will be set in place and after many of the other smaller tasks are completed the flooring will be installed. We will see how things look this weekend. I am thinking at this point that Labor Day weekend might be move in weekend.

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