St. Joe Beach Update #331 min read

I received a call today from our builder with information on another small problem. The counter tops have come and and been installed. The plumber was there installing fixtures and they found out the bathroom counters were cut incorrectly. They had been cut with four inch centers instead of six.

I had previously supplied Ben with the model numbers of the fixtures we had purchased and he had forwarded that information on to the folks supplying the counter tops. I think he may have initially been wanting me to pick different faucets. I can understand why he would want me to because he knows we are ready to get into the house and this is another delay.

All of that being said, I told him since the supplier made the mistake they need to fix it. We made our fixture choices for a reason and that is what we want in the house. Other updates were as follows:

  • Plumbing mostly complete.
  • Electrician nearly complete.
  • Flooring is being installed.

We are looking forward to seeing the progress that has been made and hoping for no delay!

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