Wasp Stings and Walking Again3 min read

Back on 28 July, I was stung by a wasp that had nested under the pool deck stairs. It stung me on my ankle and it really did not hurt all that much so I didn’t think that anything about it. I went on with my day as normal. However, as the day progressed my foot began to swell. The next day, I woke up and it was still extremely swollen, and it is probably the worst I have ever swollen from a wasp sting. However, the doctor indicated much of this swelling was due to the location. Because it was on my ankle and that is the lowest part of the body, she stated, the swelling would probably be worse. I had swollen all the way to my knee!

Swelling to the Knee

This prevented me from continuing with my walking. Even though the walking can be challenging, I have really become used to it being part of my routine. With the swelling, it was hard for me to walk and I limped around when going places. 

After a shot of steroid and more oral steroids, the swelling began to subside. However, I still had a significant amount of discomfort when I walked. I think the limping caused other issues with my foot. I did continue to try and walk as normal as possible. I even had a business trip to a conference which required a good bit of walking. By the end of each day, I would be in relatively significant discomfort.

After just over two weeks without walking, I decided it was time to get back at it! I decided to start out with shorter distances and then get back in the groove with the longer walks. So this week, I did get in three shorter walks. Surprisingly, after walking, my foot actually feels better. That being said, I think the best therapy will be to keep on walking and get myself back to the distances I was at just two weeks ago.

August 14
August 16
August 17

From the three charts above, you can see that each day I walked with a little bit more intensity. It felt good to get back on the treadmill. My next walks will be back at the minimum of 30 minutes  then I will increase my time up to 45 minutes again while finally getting back into the two-a-day workouts!!

2 thoughts on “Wasp Stings and Walking Again3 min read

  1. Hi there. I received what I believe to be a wasp sting on my foot (it was dusk—too dark to see the ground) six days ago. My foot and ankle swole up, which I’ve never experienced from a wasp sting before. The swelling has gone down a bit now, but I’ve developed some pretty gnarly bruising on my foot and ankle, and my foot is extremely tender. Just curious, did you experience bruising from your sting? I’ve been stung by wasps before—never on the foot—but never has the pain lasted for more than a few hours. Just curious what I’m in for here. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mitch, If I recall correctly I think I may have had some bruising from that sting. I have gotten pretty bad these days with swelling from just about any wasp or yellow jacket sting. The family keeps urging me to get an EpiPen. Hope you are doing better now!

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