St. Joe Beach Update #351 min read

We will be going this Saturday to check out the progress of the house. I had a conversation with our builder yesterday and I was informed the interior would be complete. They had final paint left to do and then they would finish hanging the vanity lights, bathroom mirrors, towel bars, and other bathroom items.

Ben had also requested the dumpster in the yard be removed. That will be an exciting thing for me is seeing the dumpster gone. He hoped the gravel would be in by Saturday and said the side deck may be in progress.

The last thing I am hoping for is the connection of power. The county has already cleared the inspection for permanent power we are just waiting for the engineer at the power company to release the line work. They told me once it is released they usually have power connected in one to three business days. I don’t think it will be accomplished by Saturday.

It looks like we are on track to move in our furnishings by the 8th. We have a U-Haul reserved and everything is sitting waiting to be loaded and hauled over. Once we are able to stay the night, we will start working on the remaining tasks of building the fence and installing the sprinkler system.

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