No Surgery Date Yet!1 min read

It has been three weeks since our follow up with the doctor regarding Nataleigh’s surgery. When we left his office, we were told that he had requested dates in the third week of September. Stephanie called and followed up with his scheduler and there was no definitive date provided.

Stephanie asked if there was any certainty with the time frame we were given and the answer to that was also no. So, as of now we do not have a surgery date and it could be even in October that the surgery is scheduled. Nataleigh is hoping for it to be in September, but I am getting concerned if we get last minute notice scheduling things with her school for the extended absence may be difficult.

In the end, when all of this is complete, I know everything will work out, but we are hoping for the smoothest experience possible with the surgery and recovery. There will be more updates as soon as we know more!

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