We Have a Date…

Nataleigh’s surgery is scheduled for Wednesday 19 September. We have a pre-op appointment scheduled for later this week. I previously  wrote about her upcoming surgery in my post Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis. During her pre-op they will be taking additional x-rays for determining how many vertebra will actually get fused. Hopefully the doctor can determine that number quickly and be able to pass that along to us during the pre-op appointment.

I am a bit more anxious about it now than I was before, but I do feel that everything will go well. Three to four days in the hospital and then a total of three to four weeks at home for recovery. Nataleigh is ready to get it done and over. I am not sure how easy she thinks this surgery will be, but I have a feeling she doesn’t realize the scope of the recovery.

Here’s to a speedy recovery for my little girl!!

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