Reassurance After Pre-Op

We completed pre-op today for Nataleigh’s upcoming surgery. Nataleigh had to complete another set of x-rays which will be used for determining the flexibility of her spine. I think this helps them figure out the total number of vertebra being fused. Additional questions were asked for determining if she had any pre-existing health conditions and her reflexes were checked. We also verified the paperwork for the educational program she will use while out of school.

The reflex check was very humorous. She had a quick reaction in one leg, but then her other leg didn’t respond as quickly. It was almost like to doctor was searching for a reflex. Everyone had a good laugh because it took the doctor a while to get it all worked out. In the end all was well.

After the checks were done, the doctor opened up to questions again. Nataleigh had a good series of questions and many of her concerns were answered. One of the things that came up was her curiosity about whether she would get to use a wheel chair or something to assist her with mobility during her recovery. She was informed there was no need. If you know Nataleigh very well, you know she likes to play around with medical stuff.

The best news we received however, was a little information about another patient. This individual had just completed spinal fusion surgery on the 29th of August and we were told that they were already asking to go back to school this upcoming Monday. After just one week they wanted to go back to school. They must have been feeling pretty well! I know everyone is different, but this was reassuring for us to hear. The next steps are being notified by the hospital of when our check-in date and time will be.