St. Joe Beach Update #371 min read

Yesterday, I had a lengthy discussion with our builder. After our experience last weekend, we had told him we would not come back over again until he was ready for us. He stated he had scheduled the certificate of occupancy (final inspection) for Monday and assured us the house was ready for a punch list on the inside. We are going to give him the benefit of the doubt and go take a look.

There were some issues with the sewer on the property. Hopefully we will know before going over if they were able to get those worked out. The grinder seems to be the last big hurdle. Most of the issues we had found last week have been taken care of according to Ben.

If everything goes well with the walk through tomorrow, I think we may try to move our stuff into the house and stay there on our way to Orlando. I think it would be great to get things moved in and have at least a single day at “the beach” before Nataleigh’s surgery. After the surgery, she will be restricted from swimming for at least six weeks and I am not too sure how long it would be before she can enter wavy waters like you find at the beach.

Here’s to hoping for things to be good to go!!

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