St. Joe Beach Update #38 – Walk Through Complete

There is a House Number!

We completed our walk through today!! There were a few things still not complete, but for the most part it was all done on the interior. We still have an issue to work out with our sewer grinder pump. However, I hope Port St. Joe Public Works is going to work with me on it. I will be calling them first thing in the morning.

The photo album Construction #9 shows the photos taken today. Even though they still have not done the deep clean, I was pretty well satisfied with the results. We made a list of about 25 items that must be fixed before the end of the week.

The big ticket items which remain:

  • The outside deck
  • The grinder pump
  • Level off the front yard (Four more loads of dirt)
  • Gravel driveway
  • Gravel under pole barn
  • And of course the punch list

If everything works out with public works and Ben gets things done, we will be driving our stuff over this weekend. We will stay one or two nights and then we will head down the road to prepare for Nataleigh’s surgery. If you are unaware what that is all about, you can read the post Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis.

I am hoping all this gets done. If I am told it is complete and then show up with a truck load of stuff and it isn’t done, I will probably lose it. I do not think that will be the case. When this is all done, I will write out a lengthy critique of our builder. He is a pretty good guy and I do not think he has bad intentions, but there are definitely some things that could have been done better.