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We traveled from Port St. Joe to Orlando on Monday. It was a pretty laid back trip since Nataleigh hitched a ride with her Paw Paw. When he is around the parents are chopped liver. We met up with him when we reached I-10, had some lunch, and then she said she needed to be saved from her parents.

During the trip we received a call from the hospital. We were traveling without knowing if she would check in on Tuesday or Wednesday. It was sort of unnerving traveling and not fully know what type of schedule we would be on. The nurse gave us instructions that she was to check in at 7 AM on Wednesday and she would head back to the operating room not too long after.

We planned to check into a local hotel for the night on Monday and then we would move to a Ronald McDonald House the day before her surgery. That would also be dependent on them having availability. We had already called them to check, but they had asked for us to call them back Tuesday morning. Shortly after getting the call from the nurse, we received a call from Ronald McDonald House informing us they would in fact have a room available.

Monday night was very fun for Nataleigh, or at least I think it was. We got two rooms. One for Paw Paw and one for the rest of us. Paw Paw was planning to have the king bed and we would have the room with two queens. Well, again in Nataleigh fashion, she convinced Paw Paw to take the room with two queens and we got the king. Another surprise for Nataleigh, was the two rooms wound up being connected. Nataleigh had a blast running back and forth between them!

Tuesday we woke up and didn’t get in a big rush. After everyone was up and moving, we all waited patiently for Nataleigh to finish getting ready. We checked out of the hotel and went for some lunch at Chick-fil-A.  After lunch we needed to waste a little time, so we went and visited a park in Orlando which had a B-52 static display. It was pretty interesting checking it out. That plane is such a massive aircraft! 

When it came time to get checked in at Ronald McDonald House we headed there. What a great place this facility is. Open kitchen, laundry facilities, playground, and family rooms. Everything to make you feel like you are at home so you can concentrate on your child and not have to worry about how you will keep up with your own things.

I am not sure what tomorrow will bring. I know I am nervous about the surgery even though everything will be just fine. Nataleigh told me today she was most nervous about what it would be like when they roll her back to the operating room. It will be an interesting day tomorrow. I am glad Nataleigh has had a lot of fun over the weekend and on our trip here to the hospital. Tomorrow will start another chapter in this adventure.

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  1. Excitement before serious business! I tlked to Nataleigh today and she did not seem at all nervous about tomorrow. Your little girl is becoming a young woman and handling life more like an adult. But, don’t be surprised if the little girl shows up over the next few days! I know you & Stephanie are concerned about the surgery but your doctor knows what he is doing. You just have to trust the medical staff and God…They’ve got this! Hang in there Momma and Daddy. You are making it possible for Nataleigh to hold her head up straight and high. The best is yet to come! Love , Nana

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