Post Surgery (Day 2)

In the previous post regarding Nataleigh’s recovery, I talked about how well she had done. Unfortunately, when night time came things went in the wrong direction. Around 10 PM, she started having pain which just did not want to subside. Around 11 PM she finally dozed off and I decided to lay down to try and get some sleep.

About an hour later, I woke up to Nataleigh calling my name. She had started feeling bad again and wanted to get the nurses to assist her with adjusting herself. She tried several different positions without being able to get comfortable. She had tried laying on each side and her back and the only thing that happened was she continued to have more and more pain.

After a while of this, the nurses decided to start attempting to give her medications for her pain. She was given doses of morphine, Valium, Ibuprofen, and even Oxycodone. Nothing had seemed to work until she was given the Oxycodone. She finally drifted off to sleep around 4:30 AM.

About 10 AM the physical therapist came to see Nataleigh. It was a bit rough getting started, but the therapist wouldn’t put up with any attitude. Nataleigh was threatened with having her bed removed from the room if she didn’t get up and walk and sit in a chair. We finally did some walking and wheel chairing. At one point, she got sick and vommited. However, that seemed to make her feel better.

By the end of our excursion, the therapists decided to discharge her from physical therapy. It is up to us, and her, to keep standing, walking, and sitting. Doing those things will only make her get stronger! We are hoping tonight goes more smoothly. Only time will tell…