Our Trip Home (Day 4)2 min read

It had been approximately three and a half days since Nataleigh’s surgery had ended and we were headed home! The night went well. However, Nataleigh did have some discomfort. She even got upset with us because we let more than six hours elapse between her doses of medicine. Once we got her comfortable, we would be ready to go.

While we waited for her medicine to kick in, I loaded up the car and straightened the room. I had already loaded up a good number of things the night before, but of course there were still things we needed during the night. It took us about an hour and a half to get everything ready, but we finally got on the road about 7:30.

Nataleigh slept some once we departed. We stopped for our first walk and some food at the last turnpike plaza before getting on to I-75. We had Dunkin Donuts to eat. She was excited about getting the donuts. The stop lasted about 30 minutes.

After getting back on the road, we stopped at a rest area just after getting on I-10. This stop did not go so well. She was uncomfortable and felt some nausea. We think it was from the heat! However, we did make it through. She walked again and then we headed on up the road.

The next stop was in Tallahassee for lunch. This stop was some better. I think because we gave her medicine about a half hour before stopping. She was also excited to get a Frosty to eat. We spent about 45 minutes here.

The last leg of the trip went really well. Nataleigh slept almost the entire way. Once we got close to home, she was ready to get there and did not want to stop again. However, that being said, I was not allowed to pass by the Smoothie King when we went through Pace. She didn’t want to go in like normal, but we did go through the drive through. 

We finally made it home about four o’clock in the afternoon. It was nice to be home and Nataleigh was glad to be home too. Stephanie and I unloaded the car and started putting things away. We too, were very glad to be home!

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  1. So glad you got home safely and I’m sure Nataleigh was glad to sleep in her own bed. Frosty’s make everything feel better! Keep up the good work, Nat!!! Rest and Exercise and be kind to your parents!!! Love Y’all. Mom

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