St. Joe Beach Update #391 min read

We were able to finally move into the house the weekend before Nataleigh’s surgery. We had a great weekend there! We made a trip over to Panama City and played games at Dave and Buster’s which was a compromise made instead of trying to go to Universal in Orlando the day before surgery. 

On Saturday morning, we were supposed to have seven pallets of sod delivered. The truck was running late so it wasn’t delivered until mid day. The crew came in the next morning and threw it all out. We think it turned out very nice. Only down side we did not yet have sprinklers installed. I was able to stretch out some hoses and sprinklers to cover most of the yard. I also added a timer to the well and hopefully it will work like we want it to until I can get back over.

The builder still has some really minor things to complete, but they should be quickies and will be done before we go back over after surgery. It is now time to get the fence built, install sprinkler system, and build the well house. After that, it just becomes time to enjoy our little home away from home. You can check out pictures in the album Construction #10.

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