Recovery Week 12 min read

Nataleigh’s New Hardware

We have been home since Sunday afternoon and I am quite impressed with Nataleigh’s recovery. The first two nights were a bit challenging. The biggest part has been trying to keep her comfortable. However, I must say, it is amazing how well a child having distractions helps. For her, she really enjoys playing with slime. Just folding and kneading it really does distract her. Being distracted equals less pain.¬† You can see she did get quite a bit of new hardware in her body.

Medications have been another big thing. We have kept them going at the frequency were we instructed. She gets percocet and ibuprofen like clock work! Where I am most proud of her this week, has been her ability to get down to lower and lower doses of the percocet. Our goal for her is to be narcotic free by the end of the week. We are really hoping that will happen.

Nataleigh also started her home bound school program. This program is fantastic. She is assigned a teacher who comes to work with her four hours a week and this counts as her school attendance. She is being given homework in her core classes and that too is helping  keep her distracted. The school program is a great program for children who are in need of extended periods away from school for medical reasons.

All in all, I think she is doing great. There are some adjustments being made in some of her daily activities, but nothing that she will not adjust to. In the long run, doing this will save her from future complications from the scoliosis because the curvature had continued to worsen. With her having still nearly two years of growth left, there is no telling how bad her scoliosis may have been without this surgery.

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