Irrigation Install Part 12 min read

So, we came to St. Joe for the weekend for a trip which was supposed to be a mixture of fun and work. I was hoping for more fun than work, but I do not think it is going to turn out that way. 

We got in Friday evening after a great trip over. It took both vehicles with all the stuff we were bringing. It was an entire family trip, so that meant the humans and the canines. I worked a half day and then there was a lot of running around required before we could head over. I was hauling a ton of sprinkler stuff and Stephanie had all the remaining items.

I got up this morning and started laying pipe out it the yard. There are over 40 heads going into the yard which requires nearly 800 feet of pipe. After I completed the layout, I constructed the water manifold for the control valves. I completed the hole where the valves will be installed and then it was time to head into town for renting the trencher.

I thought I was going to be doing a good thing by renting on Saturday mid day. One day rental would last all afternoon Saturday and all day Sunday. I wouldn’t have to return the machine until Monday morning. That idea failed however, because after approximately 30 minutes of trenching the machine quit running. I couldn’t get it to start again and after pulling on the cord a while it broke.

I continued to complete as much as I could with the installation:

  • Laid pipe in the trenches I did get done
  • Added the funny pipe elbows to all the sprinkler heads
  • Installed the timer on the side of the house.

Monday morning I will return the trencher. I hope they will have something I can get for completing the job because our yard has been without water for over a week now. It was looking pretty good last Saturday and because I knew the sprinklers would go in this weekend I left the water off. That may have turned into a big mistake.

I also added load center to the side of the house. We did not have enough circuits available so I added the box. However, I also did not buy enough wire to connect the box. I was about one foot short. Another snag for the day. I didn’t get to complete the load center today either. I truly do hope I am able to get this completed this weekend!

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