Irrigation Install Part 23 min read

After a day of rest and time on the beach Sunday, I was ready to go with finishing up the sprinkler installation. I had contacted my father-in-law Saturday when I had troubles and he delayed his trip over until Monday to assist.

The first hurdle was getting a working trencher. The rent-all place opened up at 6:30 CST so I left the house with the intent to be there when they opened the door. I arrived at 6:25 and they already were open. I went in and let them know my troubles and they immediately went to work on the trencher I had rented. I watched from a distance as they worked on the machine. After approximately 45 minutes it still was not up and running. However, I saw another renter returning a trencher so I went over and asked about it. I was informed it had worked great. I asked the staff if I could go ahead and take that one instead. They agreed and I was back in business.

I headed back to the house to get started because I knew I would have help arriving soon and it would be nearly 8:00 when I got back home. I backed in, unloaded the trencher, and started working.

The back yard section of the system was the most difficult. There are a lot of pipe crossings in the areas around the control valves and involved with getting the four zones where they needed to go. There are also some trenches for electrical and control lines that were made. The new trencher worked great and progress was being made.

My father-in-law arrived shortly after I got started and Stephanie had cooked breakfast. Biscuits, bacon, and eggs for breakfast was good! I had forgotten to get jelly so they were a little dry, but it was still very good. I had a biscuit and a couple of slices of bacon, then I got back to work. 

During the project, Stephanie made a couple of supply runs to Cathey’s Hardware at Mexico Beach for fittings we had run low on. I thought to only make a couple of supply runs was pretty good considering the planning was done ahead of time. If I do another project like this again, I will buy what I think I need and then buy 10 extra of every fitting type. They can always be returned when the project is complete.

Installed System

We finished up about 4 PM. I was exhausted. I had been having chills the last couple of hours and was becoming dehydrated. We were drinking water and Gatorade throughout the day, but somehow I just couldn’t get enough fluids. I had been having cotton mouth most of the day.

We decided not to test the system because there was a hurricane headed into the area. It was supposed to come ashore in the next 48 hours and I knew the yard would be getting plenty of water from the storm. The plan was to head back over the weekend to finish adjusting all the heads and setting everything up. We left the house about 6 PM.

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