Recovery Week 61 min read

It has been six weeks today that Nataleigh had her surgery. It is such an amazing thing, but if you didn’t know she had surgery you would never know any different other than the 1.75 inches in height she gained during the six hour procedure.

Nataleigh was home bound for four weeks. Week one was the week of surgery. On week four, she went to school half days and on week five she went back to school full time! She has been absolutely amazing!!

From this point forward, she is restricted to less than 20 pounds of weight. This doesn’t limit her too much. However, her bassoon weighs in at 20 pounds in the case so she can’t carry it. Other than that, she just about does whatever she likes.

This experience has been good for her in many ways. She is now more comfortable around doctors and needles. Because she did have several pokes while in the hospital. Nataleigh has a new saying to go by as well which was borrowed from an image on the FaceBook page Bent but Beautiful Scoliosis Awareness.

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  1. So Glad Nat is doing so well. She’s growing up very fast. On to Teen-dom! God bless you all!!! 🙂

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