Recovery Week 121 min read

It has been 12 weeks since Nataleigh’s surgery and we just completed a follow up with her Orthopedic surgeon. During her follow up, she completed the normal x-rays and then we saw her doctor. According to him, she is recovering very well. He spent time answering all of her questions and assured her everything was just fine.

One of the things she has noticed about herself is the difference in her shoulder blades. One protrudes out slightly more than the other. We were told her surgery would only correct the curvature of her spine and not any rotation. She does have a rotation in her spine, and since the shoulders are connected to the rib cage, this causes the issue. However, he said this was no concern.

Other news we obtained while there for this visit were her new curvature numbers. Pre-surgery Nataleigh had 63 degrees of curvature in the top of her spine and 64 degrees in the bottom. With the corrective hardware she had installed, she is now 19 degrees in the top and 32 degrees in the bottom. We think this is outstanding! Nataleigh’s recovery is going extremely well and we will see her doctor again in six months.

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