Recovery Week 12

It has been 12 weeks since Nataleigh’s surgery and we just completed a follow up with her Orthopedic surgeon. During her follow up, she completed the normal x-rays and then we saw her doctor. According to him, she is recovering very well. He spent time answering all of her questions and assured her everything was just fine.

One of the things she has noticed about herself is the difference in her shoulder blades. One protrudes out slightly more than the other. We were told her surgery would only correct the curvature of her spine and not any rotation. She does have a rotation in her spine, and since the shoulders are connected to the rib cage, this causes the issue. However, he said this was no concern.

Other news we obtained while there for this visit were her new curvature numbers. Pre-surgery Nataleigh had 63 degrees of curvature in the top of her spine and 64 degrees in the bottom. With the corrective hardware she had installed, she is now 19 degrees in the top and 32 degrees in the bottom. We think this is outstanding! Nataleigh’s recovery is going extremely well and we will see her doctor again in six months.

Recovery Week 6

It has been six weeks today that Nataleigh had her surgery. It is such an amazing thing, but if you didn’t know she had surgery you would never know any different other than the 1.75 inches in height she gained during the six hour procedure.

Nataleigh was home bound for four weeks. Week one was the week of surgery. On week four, she went to school half days and on week five she went back to school full time! She has been absolutely amazing!!

From this point forward, she is restricted to less than 20 pounds of weight. This doesn’t limit her too much. However, her bassoon weighs in at 20 pounds in the case so she can’t carry it. Other than that, she just about does whatever she likes.

This experience has been good for her in many ways. She is now more comfortable around doctors and needles. Because she did have several pokes while in the hospital. Nataleigh has a new saying to go by as well which was borrowed from an image on the FaceBook page Bent but Beautiful Scoliosis Awareness.

Recovery Week 3

After just over three weeks since Nataleigh’s surgery, I must say she is doing phenomenal. As she laid down for bed last night, she informed me that she had just gone through her first 24 hour period without any Tylenol or ibuprofen. That is just incredible in my opinion.

The mesh and Dermabond which lay on top of her incision is still very much in place. However, it has begun lifting at the edges and more rapidly at the base. I trimmed some of it away two days ago and it revealed a very nicely healing scar.

Nataleigh no longer asks for assistance with getting up or down and has asked us to make a doctor’s appointment for her to get clearance for returning to school. That shows how well she is doing. At this point, I think we just have to be cautious of her lifting limits and let her continue to heal.

Recovery Week 2

Nataleigh’s second week has been just as  amazing as her first. When it comes to pain medications, she is pretty much free of narcotic pain killers. That is a super big bonus! As of yesterday, she is also pretty much getting up and down from the couch, bed, or chair on her own. She completes these tasks differently than before, but she is completing them on her own.

Earlier in week two, she transitioned from riding in the front seat of the car to the second row. She wasn’t sure how that would feel, but she said it was just fine. The small steps she is taking for getting back to normal are good. We still have a small hurdle with sleeping arrangements though. 

Nataleigh has yet to sleep back in her own bed. She complains her bed is not comfortable like mom and dad’s. I am not sure if it is really the comfort or she just likes being near one of us. Up until last night, she had been sleeping in our room with her mom. We tried to get her to sleep in her own bed last night, but she wound up back in our room with me. I have to admit though, when we laid down to go to bed, both of us were uneasy about her being in her room on the other side of the house. We were going to give it a shot though. After a couple of hours she was back in our room.

All in all, I think she is doing exceptional. I witnessed her dancing a bit yesterday afternoon and you can tell by watching the way she moves she is getting more and more comfortable. It is wonderful knowing she is progressing so well. She is also getting in her school work and the home bound school program is working out great. We were so worried about all of this and to some extent we still are, but we truly feel this will be a good thing when she has completely healed.