St. Joe Beach Update #38 – Walk Through Complete

There is a House Number!

We completed our walk through today!! There were a few things still not complete, but for the most part it was all done on the interior. We still have an issue to work out with our sewer grinder pump. However, I hope Port St. Joe Public Works is going to work with me on it. I will be calling them first thing in the morning.

The photo album Construction #9 shows the photos taken today. Even though they still have not done the deep clean, I was pretty well satisfied with the results. We made a list of about 25 items that must be fixed before the end of the week.

The big ticket items which remain:

  • The outside deck
  • The grinder pump
  • Level off the front yard (Four more loads of dirt)
  • Gravel driveway
  • Gravel under pole barn
  • And of course the punch list

If everything works out with public works and Ben gets things done, we will be driving our stuff over this weekend. We will stay one or two nights and then we will head down the road to prepare for Nataleigh’s surgery. If you are unaware what that is all about, you can read the post Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis.

I am hoping all this gets done. If I am told it is complete and then show up with a truck load of stuff and it isn’t done, I will probably lose it. I do not think that will be the case. When this is all done, I will write out a lengthy critique of our builder. He is a pretty good guy and I do not think he has bad intentions, but there are definitely some things that could have been done better.

St. Joe Beach Update #37

Yesterday, I had a lengthy discussion with our builder. After our experience last weekend, we had told him we would not come back over again until he was ready for us. He stated he had scheduled the certificate of occupancy (final inspection) for Monday and assured us the house was ready for a punch list on the inside. We are going to give him the benefit of the doubt and go take a look.

There were some issues with the sewer on the property. Hopefully we will know before going over if they were able to get those worked out. The grinder seems to be the last big hurdle. Most of the issues we had found last week have been taken care of according to Ben.

If everything goes well with the walk through tomorrow, I think we may try to move our stuff into the house and stay there on our way to Orlando. I think it would be great to get things moved in and have at least a single day at “the beach” before Nataleigh’s surgery. After the surgery, she will be restricted from swimming for at least six weeks and I am not too sure how long it would be before she can enter wavy waters like you find at the beach.

Here’s to hoping for things to be good to go!!

St. Joe Beach Update #36

Current Street View

Yesterday we went to check on the house. After the lengthy discussion I had with our builder earlier in the week on Tuesday, I expected a completed interior. I have realized my definition of complete and his definition of complete are two different things. You can see all the photos we took in the Construction #8 photo album.

I didn’t expect to see a spotless home, but I did think the majority of the trash would be gone and the house would be, as I was told, complete on the inside. Well it really was far from that! Besides a significant amount of trash, the following items were not finished:

  • Bi-fold closet doors not hung
  • Hot water heater electrical not connected
  • Base boards missing in several locations
  • No appliances installed
  • Attic access and trim not painted
  • Base board quarter round not painted
  • Pantry shelf brackets not corrected
  • Vanity lights not installed
  • Bathroom mirrors not hung
  • Bathroom accessories not hung

We had intended to do a punch list yesterday, but obviously that did not happen. In fact, we had thought we were going to move in on the 8th of September, but that will not happen either. We will be lucky if we can move stuff in by the 15th, but Stephanie and I think it will honestly be October before we can even consider moving stuff. That will also depend on the status of Nataleigh’s surgery as well.

On the outside of the house, we spotted some things that still need attention. There has been a significant amount of erosion on the back side of the home. I am really concerned about the condenser unit outside. It is elevated on dirt at this point and I was able to shake it with my foot. The base plate is not stable at all. They also have the copper exiting the house with a lot of dirt around it. My father-in-law knows HVAC well, and according to him, that will prevent the A/C unit from working properly.

There were materials there yesterday for the deck, but no one was there working on it. It may have been because we arrived during lunch time. I am not really sure. It is nice to see it is getting worked on, but the pace of progress is not very impressive at all. We live in a 2200 sq feet home which was built start to finish in three months. Our little 840 sq feet home will take nearly five months, if not longer, to complete and the finish work up to this point hasn’t impressed me.

As I have said before, in the end I think things will turn out like we want, but seeing the progress just makes things very frustrating. We have discussed how much nicer it is to just shop for a newly constructed home. You walk through it and you either like it or you don’t.

My next task is emailing our builder. I have been thinking since we left yesterday what to write to him. I can sound like a jerk and piss him off or just let him know to let us know when it’s done and let him know the things we currently see as wrong. Hopefully between that email and our walk through yesterday he will be able to get things done the way we want them.

St. Joe Beach Update #35

We will be going this Saturday to check out the progress of the house. I had a conversation with our builder yesterday and I was informed the interior would be complete. They had final paint left to do and then they would finish hanging the vanity lights, bathroom mirrors, towel bars, and other bathroom items.

Ben had also requested the dumpster in the yard be removed. That will be an exciting thing for me is seeing the dumpster gone. He hoped the gravel would be in by Saturday and said the side deck may be in progress.

The last thing I am hoping for is the connection of power. The county has already cleared the inspection for permanent power we are just waiting for the engineer at the power company to release the line work. They told me once it is released they usually have power connected in one to three business days. I don’t think it will be accomplished by Saturday.

It looks like we are on track to move in our furnishings by the 8th. We have a U-Haul reserved and everything is sitting waiting to be loaded and hauled over. Once we are able to stay the night, we will start working on the remaining tasks of building the fence and installing the sprinkler system.